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Kimberly Russaw

Debra -
Thanks for sharing these encouraging insights.

Eileen Campbell-Reed

Hello, Debra - Thank you so much for this thoughtful reflection about time and about the demands of the scholarly life that are not 'taught' in grad school. They are part of the hidden curriculum, eh?

And what struck me as I was reading was also how precise the parallel is for ministry, which those of us in seminaries are trying to teach our students. I don't know about you, but I want to take that lesson really seriously, and work differently to teach my students. I want to help them imagine what the lifeworld and its demands (including the demands of time) will be at the end of seminary. In other words in addition to the content of preaching or pastoral care (my field) I also want to help them think about the many expectations of the church and other ministry settings, so they have a framework - like the one you've laid out - for navigating that world.

Thanks for your story. Good ones provoke good thinking and learning!

Eileen Campbell-Reed

Tony Finitsis

Hi Debra,
Thank you for your post. The words “It takes a village to raise a tenured scholar” are still ringing in my ears. It is true that we exit grad school way greener than we ever realize and as the tune goes “it’s not easy being green.” I am thankful for the advice of our colleagues. However, I am particularly thankful for the advice I received from my peers and mentors at my Wabash workshop. Thank you guys!


You are so right about making time one's friend! And it's so important to prioritize the things that go on one's schedule. Some good advice my provost gave me about always wanting to plan new or updated course was, "Even if the material isn't new to you, it's still new to them."


thanks for a wonderful reflection on using our time wisely!

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