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Randy Creath

Thank you for your hard work, your wisdom, and your continued work, Leah!!!

Rick Riedel

Excellent article. I hope Eden follows your recommendation. Thank you.

Evelyn L. Parker

Thank you, Dr. Gunning, for a provocative post. Also, thank you for your presence and prophetic witness in Ferguson.

Rev. Charles Montgomery, PhD

Very well written, I need to read the sources that you mention!

Dr. Jeffery L. Tribble Sr.

Dr. Gunning,

Thank you for offering the concept of the racialized imagination to explain why Officer Wilson's account made sense to white people sharing this same imagination. It is a helpful perspective to share in our teaching and in other settings where we are trying to make sense of the horrific tragedies in our communities.

Columbia Theological Seminary is taking steps to.become more of an "anti-racist institution." Anti-racism is required of all basic degree students.

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