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Nyasha Junior

Rashomon is a great film. As you point out, the film is told from four different perspectives, and there are four contradictory accounts of the crime. In Ferguson, multiple witnesses tell the same story of the murder of Mike Brown. Still, Darren Wilson has not been arrested.

Paula Swanson


You illustrate your thoughts perfectly through the fascinating Rashomon story. Thank you.

I couldn't agree more with your analysis that "one's location" or perhaps context is a gateway to producing readings of race that are contradictory. We are faced with very similar problems when undertaking the hermeneutics of any concern. Not only can we be misguided by our cultural experience, but also how our historical paths inform each of us.

The application of Heidegger's hermeneutical circle may be appropriate to these considerations. Perhaps even some hybrid that considers a heuristic element as suggested by Schon?

Should we consider interactions with others differently than we might with an ancient text? I strongly suspect that many are guilty of unwittingly and innocently applying eisegesis and then sometime later, find themselves confused because their interpretations didn't accurately reflect the relationship.

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