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Tasha Brown

Thank you!

Theresa Yugar

Incredible! Though I try to do the same in my class, you have inspired me to do more!


Do you have an online component to your class?

Dave zBuehler

Well said! Right on!

Barbara LaToison

Thank you

Rev Carmen

Finally!!! Thank you!

Wil Gafney

For Will: I do not have an on-line component of this course.

Rev. Lorena Parrish, PhD

Thank you my sister, may I share your comments with my colleagues at Andover Newton Theological School?

Wil Gafney

Lorena: Of course, this is a public forum for teaching resources.

Rachel Miller Jacobs

I'm especially interested in your comments about biblica images. You mention the names of several artists; do you have others to recommend?


I'm late to this post, but is it okay to start a slow clap? Great stuff.

Susan Kennedy

This is an amazing article. Just read it tonight and can't wait to share it in my Religious Studies and Philosophy department meeting tomorrow evening. Thanks so much for this beautifully written piece.

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