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Nyasha Junior

Thanks for sharing. I've gained a lot when I have been invited to sit in on classes. Peer observation can be very useful, especially when not simply for tenure and promotion evaluation purposes.


Thank you. This is a needed call to awareness for me. It's my profession to listen to others while also facilitating a process of their learning. This article suggests to me that I need to stay attuned to how I am honoring the speakers personhood and competence in their lived experiences.

Ann Bolek

I've found you in the past to be open about your "deficiencies" and that you're willing to learn. Thank you for having the integrity to continue doing so. It helps me keep looking at myself in ways that are not always comfortable but so necessary.

Ella Johnson

Thank you for this insightful post!

Greg Perry

Very helpful description. Thank you for your time and vulnerability to write this.

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